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Make Money Watching And Uploading Videos
« on: May 23, 2020, 01:56:21 AM »
Youtube is very popular nowadays but it's not paying every time you watch videos, you cannot earn even a few cents if you upload your videos, you will need hundreds of hours thousands of views and hundreds of subscribers before they allow you to become their partner, and as a partner, they will show you how to earn by showing ads on all your videos.

Now that's going to be a very long wait, it will take you months or even years before you can complete all these tasks, and you have to upload your own videos too good quality video that meets their standard.

Now, what if there is a site that pays you just to watch videos and uploads videos and you can instantly monetize your channel on your first video without those strict criteria and guidelines

                                       LBRY THE CONTENT REVOLUTION

The site  I'm talking about is LBRY.
LBRY lets you earn 1 to 100 LBRY random rewards just for watching at all
Watch stuff, and earn more for each unlocked level! depending on your level you can earn as much as 50 LBY for every level you unlocked
Any way you looked at LBRY you can earn rewards from doing simple things.
I have seen some members earning as high as 1000 LBC in one day and with LBRY value increasing daily in the market, that's going to be a good residual income for you

If you are a Youtuber you can link your Youtube account to your LBRY account and earn more apart from doing the things you love.
If you have good videos you are going to earn from repost of your videos and from tips coming from viewers of your posts.
There is an option to monetize your video too by setting up a price to anyone who views your videos 

 There's so much to learn about LBRY but the most important part is to get in this early and get into a group that will help you maximize your earnings we have a group of LBRY users who are active in exchange views follow to follow exchanges deals and posts to reposts deal.

One of the most important thing that you need to do after you join LBRY you need to verify your account, there are three ways to verify your account before you become eligible to claim the rewards
Through their discord channel, through phone, and through credit card, you can find these options in your dashboard. 

Join our community by signing up here
Register on this forum to get all the things you need to start from making money by following channels uploading and watching videos

This is the screenshot of the dashboard once you registered and verified your account you can access it in your profile icon

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